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Champagne Properties believes in a client driven “hi-tech/hi-touch” approach to real estate sales beginning with the development of a comparative market analysis for your home, followed by a meeting with you to fine tune the analysis to reflect any updates or improvements that you have made to your property. After that, we will present our marketing plan for your home and get your input and feedback. Your home is now ready to be listed and shown. Upon receiving an offer, we will assist you with contract negotiations and after an offer has been accepted, we will help you work through any issues that may arise on the path to closing. Your satisfaction with the sales process and your happiness with the results of the sale are our only measures of success.


the home selling process

  1. Establish a relationship with a qualified, knowledgeable real estate agent. Look for someone with broad market knowledge and experience. 

  2. Your agent will develop a comparative market analysis with a range of values for your home.Work with your agent to determine where in that range to price your home.

  3. Walk your property with your agent to identify any areas that need repair or updating.Do not skip this step– the time, effort and money will be well worth the investment.

  4. Stage your home. Staged homes typically sell faster than comparable unstaged houses.Your agent may have referrals for professional stagers if you wish to use one.

  5. Your agent will begin implementing the marketing plan that was developed specifically for your home.It may contain a number of different elements, e.g. a virtual tour or a broker’s open.

  6. Your agent will present all offers to you.Your agent will help you evaluate them until a suitable offer is accepted.

  7. Move toward closing by working though any contract clauses that require a negotiated agreement.Repairs recommended under the inspection clause are an example of this type of clause.

  8. Close the sale of your home.Most closings will take place at the title company’s office.

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